Master 2 – Business Economic Diagnostic (Distance Learning)

Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble 2

09.2013 – 09.2015

Area of expertise:

This master prepares for company diagnostic jobs. To train professionals capable of implementing critical economic diagnostic systems, auditing organisations assess their performance and make recommendations for their management.

International economic environment analysis of the company:
  • Sector and competition analysis.
  • Market analysis.
Tools and method of company performance assessment:
  • Financial diagnostic.
  • Organisational diagnostic.
  • Environment diagnostic.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Bank credit analysis.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Group analysis.
  • Management information system.

Bachelor Audit and Management (first-class honours)

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Erasmus: Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave)

09.2011 – 09.2012

Area of expertise:

The objective of this bachelor is to train operational and polyvalent managers combining.

Key skills acquired:
  • Knowledge of management and audit company tools.
  • Accurate knowledge of the company and its environment.
  • Pratical knowledge of project management methods.

2-years degree in Management of Business Administration (Special Pathway, 2 years done in one year)

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

09.2010 – 09.2011

Area of expertise:

The objective of the DUT GEA Finances Accounting is to train in fundamental management techniques (financial management, legal and tax management, controlling). It provides access to middle management positions in any sector of activity.

Master the tools of business management:
  • Marketing.
  • Statistics.
  • IT.
  • Financial management.
Participate on the establishment of a information system in:
  • Economic.
  • Financial.
  • Accounting.

2nd year of Bachelor in Physique (1st year passed)

Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble 1

09.2008 – 06.2010

Area of expertise:

The Physics degree intendes to provide a solid basic training in modern physics, which includes both theoretical and fundamental tools, as well as experimental approaches.

Professional Focus

Risk Consulting - Manager


06.12.2021 – present

Area of Expertise:

Risk Consulting, Financial Modelling, Model Review

What we do
  • Our business modelling team provides advisory support to a wide variety of clients through the development of customised models, commissioned analysis, financial model assurance and remediation assurance to assist you in addressing internal decisions, external stakeholder requirements or regulatory (e.g. Central Bank of Ireland) related matters.

Main Affiliate Controller


16.09.2019 – present

Area of Expertise:

Financial Forecast and Modelling, Process Optimization.

Main Responsabilities:
  • Prepare, control, reconcile and input financial statements (Incomes Statement) for quarterly and yearly budgetary entries.
  • Ensure the correctness of all financial information at month-end closing to provide accurate periodic reporting (monthly, quarterly and yearly).
  • Track and monitor costs/margin for all the French on-going projects (around 20 open projects) and assists project leaders and operation director with financial analysis.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS accounting rules and internal procedures.
  • Support yearly external audit activities including the preparation of supporting documents and others queries.
  • I have created a robust financial model to increase the accuracy of sales backlog calculation as well as the estimation of remaining costs, work in progress (WIP) and provision for losses at year-end.
  • I have increased the level of optimization and automatization through VBA of existing reports to improve the reliability of data and achieve time-saving.
  • I have developed several new tools for internal stakeholders upon demands: automatic IFRS- 16 contract changes update form using VBA, creation of 24-month rolling cash flow forecast.
  • I have implemented data visualization (Tableau) to provide insights into the financial health of the affiliate.

Senior Financial Analyst – Location Strategy

Dell Technologies

01.01.2017 – 31.08.2019

Area of Expertise:

Financial Forecast and Modelling, Location Strategy, Data Visualization.

Main Responsabilities:
  • Improve financial models to analyze the cost and benefits of various scenarios in the process of footprint optimization (enable better asset deployment decisions through strategic real estate planning, portfolio restructuring and cost optimization analysis, implementation planning, and M&A/post-merger integration).
  • Build complex financial modelling and cost estimation modelling to support location strategy and site selection based on key business criteria (find strategic locations that access new markets, achieve operating cost targets, improve access and retention of talents, and reduce risk).
  • Create financial presentations and analytical reporting for senior management.
  • Provide internal clients with timely, comprehensive and accurate advice and guidance on financial impact for the real estate strategy.
  • Prepared an economic study to define the top 500 cities based on multiple-criteria decision analysis to evaluate the location strategy.
  • Work on several concurrent real estate projects where meeting the deadline is mandatory.
  • I have created a web app to track all the projects (strategy and due diligence phases) involved in Dell’s location strategy and site strategy or footprint optimization.
  • I have increased the level of automatization of various financial models to improve reactivity.

Transversal Job Rotations

Mondelez International

01.06.2012 – 31.05.2016

Area of Expertise:

Account Payable, Transportation and Price Negotiation, Database management, Process Optimization and Testing.

Main Responsabilities:
  • Responsible for database management and update with a strong focus on data accuracy. Involve in processes improvement and responsible for the testing phases.
  • Managing goods transportation from Europe to France (1200 trucks/month).
  • Database maintenance, RFQ collection, transport cost estimation.
  • Follow up invoices for payment, match with PO, perform accounting transactions when needed. Communication with internal stakeholders and clients to resolving any litigation.
  • I have created a financial reporting framework to analyze extra costs and provide recommendations on cost optimization (achieve a cost saving of 120k€).
  • I have provided structured training to my coworkers with advanced Excel training (vlookup, index/match, pivot-table...).
  • I have contributed to projects to ensure secured transports by training internal stakeholders.